Legendary country singer Emmylou Harris has been looking forward to the release of a new album in February. But she's got other things to deal with too, as Harris is facing formal criminal charges resulting from a car accident in Los Angeles last October.

We originally reported in December that Harris was under investigation for the accident, which took place on Oct. 1st at 10:00pm. The 12-time Grammy Award winner was driving a rental car on Los Angeles' 405 freeway when, reports say, she struck another vehicle. California state law requires the involved parties exchange insurance information in an accident where there is property damage, but Harris instead drove off without acknowledging the incident. So, the other driver filed a criminal complaint in Beverly Hills.

A rep for the 65-year old singer called the incident a 'minor traffic accident' saying the singer 'unintentionally rubbed bumpers' with the other car, and went on to say Harris did not realize that contact was made. So Emmylou continued on her way. The spokesperson went so far as to refer to the incident as a 'garden variety accident' that is common on the 405, saying that Harris had turned the matter over to her insurance agent.

The Associated Press reported January 30th that Harris has officially been charged with misdemeanor hit-and-run in the accident. No court date has been announced, and Harris' publicist did not return AP calls seeking comment on the matter.

Emmylou Harris is slated to release a new CD - her 27th studio album - in late February.

Here's Emmylou Harris performing '2 More Bottles of Wine', a #1 hit for her in 1978: