The Eli Young Band spend a lot of time away from family and home these days. It's one of the sacrifices up-and-coming bands make for their music to be heard. But That sacrifice is nothing compared to what U.S. servicemen and women go through in order to keep our country free and safe. And EYB understands that.

Eli Young Band frontman Mike Eli talked with GAC recently about his respect for those in uniform:

“We can relate to that, them being away from their families so much, but it’s very different because they have absolutely no control over how long and how far away they are from their families. That is something that we will always have such a huge respect for them. To be able to be away from their families for so long and sometimes to not be able to communicate with their families."

Eli has a pretty good understanding of what families of deployed military personnel go through. He's got two sisters, both of whom are married to Marines who have been deployed. He said:

"Seeing that with my sisters has always been such a huge deal. I have such a huge amount of respect for them and then also my sisters to be able to deal with it in such a great way”.

Don't be surprised if Eli gives the occasional shout out to the men and women in the military while he's on stage performing. The band continues to plug away on one of the biggest concert tours of the summer with Kenny Chesney on his No Shoes Nation Tour. They also have a new single, 'Drunk Last Night', which is currently climbing the charts.