A small town in Spain is celebrating Christmas a little early by winning the El Gordo Lottery worth $720 Million. The winnings will be split between all the ticket holders which is more than 2/3 of the town.

The town of Granen has a population of 2,100; there were 1,800 ticket holders. Those holding a ticket for the El Gordo Lottery will be receiving just over $500,000 each.

The drawing was an ordeal though, taking over 3 hours to complete. The winning numbers were sung out by students of a Madrid school and televised nationally. They chose 58268; that's only 5 numbers, what took so long? Well, no matter, it was well worth the wait for those holding a winning ticket.

The El Gordo Lottery is held every year and has been a part of their history since 1812, two centuries. The government keeps some of the lottery profit to help reduce their country's debt the rest is given away to the citizen ticket holders.

That's a nice little chunk of money especially just before the holidays. So what would you do if you were a huge lottery winner?