I'm in Memphis Tennessee for the St. Jude radio seminars, and Memphis is home to "Pork B-B-Q" and the world famous "Dyers Hamburgers".

So as soon as we settle into the Peabody, we go out into the 14 degree bone-chilling weather in search of the "Infamous" Dyers Burgers. After getting directions from my trusty IPhone map App...we are...off

Destination, 205 Beale Street, two and a half blocks and some tricky maneuvering around ice covered sidewalks later and we are in business!  Smaller than the TV show made it look like. Now lets get it straight from the start, I have yet to hear ANYONE say the burgers are "GOOD". Not even those food channels and/or shows. They all say "the hamburgers are cook with 100 YEAR OLD GREASE thats it. Fast forward and wow the grease is making the wax paper wrapper transparent. Well, nonetheless the burger comes with cheese, mustard, cooked onions and a hand full of pickles (of which I picked and chucked). Let it be said NOW ONCE AND FOR ALL, "THESE DYERS BURGERS ARE AWESOME" grease running down my elbow and all. If the boss hadn't been with me I would have ordered another. Lastly, they also have 100 year old grease deep fried Twinkies & Ho-Ho's...I passed, I wanted seconds.