It's been a big week for Dwight Yoakam, and I think it's safe to say he has officially brought his music career out of hiding. Seven years removed from his last studio CD, '3 Pears' has spent this week at the ACM Honors Awards Monday, then made his way to CBS This Morning, followed by a visit to ABC's 'The View'.

He started off the week with the Cliffie Stone Pioneer Award, an honor Yoakam received by the Academy of Country Music. It is awarded annually to honor Dwight's immense contribution to country music throughout his career. Then, he hopped on a plane to New York to make his television appearances.

The interview on CBS This Morning went far more in-depth than The View. Dwight explains the absence from music with the John Lennon quote, "Life is what goes on when you're making other plans", and went on to explain that he began to write music for '3 Pears' 4-5 years ago, and admits that his iPhone has been helpful in capturing his ideas for the album.

The interview also addressed his cross-genre collaborations, his 'mischievous side', and how he came to the decision to have rock star Beck produce '3 Pears'. See the whole segment here:

Introduced by Whoopi Goldberg as "the living, breathing embodiment of country cool", to which Dwight responded by saying, "I'll take you everywhere just to introduce me.".

After pleasantries were exchanged, Yoakam gave a very simply stated explanation behind the inspiration for the new CD, and summed it up very eloquently:

"There's a reference, the title track, to John Lennon, and watching him where he was acting up with 3 pairs of sunglasses on at the same time. He was doing this...and I thought, 'you know, If he said anything to all of us in his short life, was that there's joy and happiness even in moments of, you know, sorrow."

The interview was abruptly ended by 'The View' co-host Chris Cuomo begging him to perform. Yoagam obliged, and here's the result:

He will also be appearing on The Late Show with David Letterman tonight (9/28, 10:35am Central), then Dwight is back at it with his band this weekend as his '3 Pears' tour continues on in Iowa, Minnesota and California. Looking ahead, Yoakam will be playing in San Antonio October 13th, and returning to Texas to play the Houston area in December.