Dwight Yoakam just celebrated his 56th birthday (Oct. 23), and has been hard at work promoting '3 Pears', his first studio album in seven years. From performances on 'The View' to radio call-ins, Dwight has been talking up a storm, answering questions over and over about the new CD. That's nice, but I think it's nice to hear something different come out in these interviews every once in a while.

I got my wish. About 6:35 into his interview with Q-104 in Kansas City, Yoakam managed to sneak in a cool story about back in the day that caught my attention. It's a story about how he came to write nearly 25 years ago, one of my favorite songs, 'The Heart That You Own'.

Dwight was asked what's the weirdest place he found himself, where you had to stop what you're doing and write a song. His response was that he was in a movie theater watching 'The Fabulous Baker Boys', when it struck him to fumble around in the dark, find a pen and write on the back of a movie ticket "I pay rent on a rundown place. There ain't no view but there's lots of space".

Yoakam also talks about having to leave the set of 'The Lone Ranger', the movie he was working on, in order to finish '3 Pears'.

Dwight will be taking his music and stories down under, as he'll be spending most of November on tour in Australia before making his way back to the U.S. on his '3 Pears' Tour.

Check out the video for 'The Heart That You Own':