Dwight Yoakam fans have been waiting 7 years for a new studio album. Now, with the release of '3 Pears', not only do we get to hear the new music, but it's being accompanied by an exclusive inside look at the making of the CD. The program originally aired on CMT, and it's called 'Saw You Comin': The Making Of 3 Pears'.

I saw Dwight in concert for the first time last month when he played at Billy Bob's Texas in the Fort Worth Stockyards. Beforehand, I loved his music. After the concert, I had a new found appreciation for Yoakam and the music he creates. This guy is an innovator, and there will never be another musician like Dwight Yoakam. So, needless to say, I was thrilled to find out about 'Saw You Comin': The Making of 3 Pears'.

This show gives great insight into the making of the new CD, and into Dwight Yoakam. You get to hear from band members and the album's producer (alternative rock star Beck) on a variety of subjects, from the conception of the song 'A Heart Like Mine' to firsthand stories about listening to album masters in Dwight's Corvette to decide if songs were ready to be added to the CD.

Dwight's a quirky, unique, mysterious guy. It's obvious with the way he disappears under his cowboy hat, and refuses to ditch the skinny jeans that he sported 25 years ago when Yoakam first broke into the national spotlight. It also shows in this program. '3 Pears' in a very different way by a different kind of musician, and that's what makes 'Saw You Comin'' cool.

'Saw You Comin'' makes the bold statement that this may be the best album that Dwight Yoakam has ever made. It also says that there's a joyfulness in '3 Pears'. This is a hopeful record, and a perfect record for the time he is at in his life.

Check out the full program 'Saw You Comin': The Making Of 3 Pears':

Have you listened to the new Dwight Yoakam CD yet? What do you think of it?