I love college hoops, that's no secret.  I always put up my bracket and compete, for a free lunch, against the guys in the office.  I lose sometimes though because no matter what I pick Duke to go all the way every year no matter what.  They may not be the best team that year but I am a loyal fan of the Blue Devils and more so of Coach K.

Dukes Tuesday night 74-69 win against Michigan State made Coach Mike Krzyzewski (that's why they just call him Coach "K") the NCAA's Division 1 Coaching Champ.  With 903 wins Coach K surpassed Bobby Knight as the winningest coach in NCAA.

Bobby Knight was on the sidelines last night doing commentary when Coach K surpassed him as winningest coach. What makes that significant is that Knight was Krzyzewski's coach when he attended West Point.  Knight was K's mentor, coach, friend and colleague.   They hugged on the sidelines where Knight congratulated Coach K.

"I just told Coach I love him," Krzyzewski said. "I wouldn't be in this position without him. It's a moment shared. I know he's very proud and I'm very proud to have been somebody who's worked under him and studied him and tried to be like him."


I think the only thing that would have made this better would have been to be played in front of a home crowd on the Blue Devil court. This game was played at Madison Square Gardens.  Coach K has coached for 37 seasons and all but 5 of those have been at Duke.

Congrats to my favorite basketball coach, hopefully we will see them again in this year's  Final Four!!