They have a reality show on the TLC channel "19 kids and counting" and a new book "A Love That Multiplies" and we've watched them grow more and more and well, now even more! The Duggar's, Jim Bob & Michelle are expecting another child, this will make an even 20 for the couple. So how many is too many? Does it matter? Are they a bad example or a good one? How do they do it financially? These are questions everyone seems to have.

I've never given birth to a child so maybe it's not for me to say but I do have an opinion; you knew I would didn't you? I don't understand having 20 kids. Michelle says this is the longest time between pregnancies she's had, it's usually around 18 months this time it's been about 2 years. I had no idea the human body was even capable of having that many kids.

Michelle is now 45 and pregnant with number 20. Her last pregnancy was very difficult, she had preeclampsia and gall-bladder problems. The baby had to be delivered 3 1/2 months early and weighed only 22 oz. and had a perforated bowel. She is a happy healthy toddler now though and will turn 2 in December.

Doctors have said this pregnancy is good to go so far and Michelle has been working out about and hour 5 or 6 days a week for the last year and says she feels great. She's ready for number 20 and if God sees fit, however many more she is blessed with.

Now I personally think it's crazy to have this many kids and I've only seen bits and pieces of their show but these kids seem well loved, cared for and are well behaved. I assume that continues even when the cameras aren't rolling.

I had wondered myself about the finances and how you care for, clothe and feed that many kids but Jim Bob addresses that in the new book he's written as well as in the video below. He says they own some rental properties that bring in money, of course now they have the reality show on TLC which brings in cash, he has book royalties (this is his 2nd book) and I'm sure they get money for personal appearances. They have older kids that can always pass down clothes and they say they shop at thrift stores and pawn shops for things they need.

The oldest son is now married and already has 2 kids of his own. They all say they want big families too. Seems he may be on his way to fulfilling that dream!

Just in seeing the little bit of the reality show and interviews with the family I have to say I like the Duggar's. They seem like a very nice family, very large, but nice. They seem so calm and laid back, maybe after the first 3 or 4 you just relax and don't worry as much. It seems the younger kids look up to the older ones and learn by example so if the older ones are laying the groundwork then the rest just fall into place.

So here's my final thought. I wouldn't have this many kids, in fact I think it's kind of ridiculous. However, if they are making it on their own and not asking the government for any handouts then it's their business. It would be a different story if they were living off of welfare and continued in this manner.
More information on the Duggar's can be found on their website.