Drew Womack first hit the music scene as part of a group called Sons of the Desert. In 1997 they released their debut album 'Whatever Comes First' on Epic Records, they later moved to MCA. Now Womack has made an album on his own co-owned label and it's music he's wanted to make for years but everyone told him it wouldn't work.

The new album and title track 'Sunshine To Rain' is what Womack calls "gangsta folk". The album includes an edgy Americana, alt-country feel to it. The album is exactly what Womack has wanted to record for years.

He released in first solo album in 2003, after the disbandment of Sons of the Desert, but just as things were beginning to roll along he hurt his back while on tour. He ended up having to have surgery and lots of rehabilitation and putting his career on hold. The exception was writing; he did tons of writing while in rehab. Many of those songs were recorded by other well known artists like Kenny Chesney and Rascal Flatts.

This album is a new start for Womack in more than one way. He has his health back, his career back and is ready to get the music out to the fans.

For more about Drew and his new work see his official website or Facebook page.