Arch West was the creator of those crunchy, tasty chips called Doritos. West died Tuesday at the age of 97 in Dallas. So how will his family bury his remains? In chips of course.

Now Mr. "Doritos" West will be buried October 1st and his family plans to sprinkle Doritos on his coffin before it is covered over with dirt.

In 1961 Mr. West was the marketing vice-president for the Dallas based company Frito-Lay, maker of Doritos. He and his family went to San Diego on vacation where he found a snack of fried tortilla chips. He brought back the idea where, at first it was brushed off, by the top execs. He kept at it and market research was conducted, and then the chips hit the market. The rest as they say is History!

So grab a bag of Doritos and eat them in memory and thanks to creator Arch West.