Abilene is in for a treat come Thursday, July 26th as the ‘World’s Best Touring Sideshow’, the Hellzapoppin Sideshow Review, takes the stage and freaks out the crowd at the Lucky Mule Saloon.

This dark freakshow features Zamora the Torture King. You might remember him as ‘The Man Who Feels No Pain’ on an episode of Stan Lee’s ‘Superhumans’. Now you get to see him up close and personal.

There will be other unusual artists such as the seductive Sword Swallower Maryanne Madgdelen. Mary Medgdelen has added flames, broken glass, machetes and swords to her repertoire.

Hellzapoppin’s mascot, Mr. Buggles the Wonder Dog, will also make an appearance.

This amazing show is presented by The Master of Ceremonies & Sideshow Stuntman Bryce “The Govna” Graves.

This vaudeville sideshow features stunts like the Bed of Nails, Glass Walking, Glass Eating, and Balloon Swallowing, the Homemade Lobotomy Kit, Walk ing on Razor Sharp Machetes, Burlesque and The Human Dart Board.  You’ll witness the art of fire eating and fire breathing, Sword Swallowing and the famous Blade Box Illusion!

That’s just the tip of the freakshow iceberg. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this.


The Show

Hellzapoppin Sideshow Review


The Lucky Mule Saloon at 1850 South Clack in Abilene

Date and Time

Thursday July 26th

Doors at 7pm

Other Info

First 75 over 21 customers get in free

Call (325) 232-8564 for more details


Here’s what you can expect