It's a party weekend for most people and so the top 3 does of course feature an upcoming Super Bowl commercial. Now there is another commercial in here for Old Spice or Bounce, I'm not sure which one the commercial is really for, but it's funny. Movie star Kristin Bell loves sloths and gets so excited she almost has a panic attack. Check out this weeks viral videos.

This video has already had over 2.5 million hits on YouTube. It is for the new Volkswagen, which was my favorite ad last year. Never fear though the little Darth from last year makes an appearance in this video as well.

Old Spice has had a pretty good run of commercials lately, that are just funny and don't really have anything to do with deodorant. This one features Bouce and Old Spice in the same commercial, which product is actually being sold, that's up to you! This video has had almost 1 million hits so far.

This video is of The Ellen Show with guest Kristin Bell. Kristin is obsessed sloths, to the point that she cries and freezes up she gets so excited. She tells Ellen about how her boyfriend surprised her with a sloth and video taped it, she brought the video with her. I'll let you just watch it, this is hilarious.