Kindle Fire is a tablet version of their e-reader with features much like the Apple iPad. So how does it compare to other tablets in it's functions? Before you go get one for Christmas check out this video review.

I personally have a Kindle e-reader and I love it, so yes when I heard they had a tablet I was very interested. So I decided to do a little research before asking for it for my Christmas this year. The main thing that caught my eye was the price, only $200 compared to the $400 or more for other tablets.

However, I want it to have good functions and work as well as the higher priced versions, there are a few things I could do without but would it be worth it was the question.

This review shows what the Kindle Fire can and can't do and some of the hiccups that need to be worked out. The video shows it being a tad slower than the iPad, it's not that big a deal, maybe a 1 second difference. It also is Wi-Fi only, this I find a problem, if you are not in a wi-fi zone you can't use it, that means you have limited access to your Fire.

He also shows some of the functions of the Fire are difficult to get to quickly, like volume control, downloading, and shutdown mode.

So maybe for now I will stick to my Kindle as just and e-reader and do a little more research before buying the Fire.