I remember it as if it was yesterday, the announcer saying "you're listening to Armed Forces Radio Network and it's time for the Dick Clark Radio Show". It was the late 1963  to early 1965, I was living in Madrid Spain near Torrejon Air Force base listening to my dads transistor radio. It was shortly there after, that I decided I wanted to be on the radio, I wanted to be like that man on the radio named 'Dick Clark'. He was cool, he knew all the stars and he knew all the songs that ever came out of that little three inch speaker. I just heard, on my little radio in my office that the guy I once aspired to be like on the radio just died. Yes, Dick Clark is dead.

They called him 'America's Oldest Teenager', to me he was the coolest man on the TV and on the radio. He made me feel like he was talking to me and my friends, thus making us friends to all his star friends. I know for a fact, he influenced me when the 'Disco' era came, when nobody else liked Disco, Dick and I liked it and we both played the heck out of it on the radio. When I was working at KRBC-1470 AM right here in Abilene, I would watch his show and then go do my Saturday night radio show, I'd play and say the same things he did on his TV show. I only wished I could have met him, he was and always will be one of the coolest guy, radio and TV  has ever known. He will be missed.
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How did Dick Clark and American Bandstand influence you? What is your favorite song of all-time that you saw or heard on the Dick Clark show?