It seems that actors have a hard time finding their soul mates. Seal and Heidi filed for divorce recently, Aretha Franklin called off her engagement and now Dennis Quaid and his 3rd wife are seeking divorce.

Kimberly Buffington (Quaid) filed for divorce March 2 in Texas, basically siting irreconcilable differences. The two have 4 year old twins together which, for the time being, will split time between their parents.

For now it seems that the couples Montana property will be sold but Kimberly will retain the family home and Mercedes while Dennis will get the Escalade and a condo.

Just over Valentine's Quaid was seen at a party leaving with another mans date and going back to his hotel together. Meg Ryan (Quaid's 2nd wife) also cited extra-marital affairs as a reason for their 2000 divorce. Although Ryan was also known to be having a courtship with Russell Crowe at the time as well.

I'm not sure if it's the fame and money or maybe it's just long periods apart and opportunity but it seems marriage is quiet disposable in the Hollywood circle.