"Deep in the Heart" is a CD for children, but we won't tell anyone if you buy a copy for yourself; because there is a kid in all of us. The CD has a great story behind it and some beautiful Texas voices as well. Plus, best of all it benefits a worthy cause.

Bismeaux Records is the label behind this project and it was all recorded in Austin at the Bismeaux Studios by all Texas music artists. Talk about being "Made in Texas" it is definitely that.  Currently it is the #1 Children’s album on iTunes.

The title of the album is "Deep in the Heart: Big Songs for Little Texans Everywhere". It was released digitally September 18th but will be in stores September 25th. It features Texas music stars singing their favorite children's songs and benefits the McLane Children's Scott & White in Temple, Texas.

Two members of Pat Green's band came up with the idea, Brett Danaher and Clayton Corn. They began asking fellow artists to participate. They didn't have to ask more than once, everyone was more than willing to help out. They took the project to Ray Benson of Asleep At The Wheel and asked him to be executive producer (so you know this record is done well). It took the next year to complete the project and what you have now is a CD full of great music benefiting children in need.

You will hear songs like "I've Been Working on the Railroad", "You Are My Sunshine", "This Land is Your Land", "Oh!Susanna", and more. Artists include Stoney LaRue, Aaron Watson, Ray Benson, Randy Rogers Band, Pat Green and many others.

Look for the album on iTunes or in stores on the 25th. To find out more about the album make sure to check out the "Deep in the Heart" website or Facebook page.