David Nail has had quite a bit of success lately and he gets to do some pretty cool things these days. David married Catherine Werne in 2009 and he says the cool stuff he gets to do make him a better husband to her.

So exactly how does David getting to do cool stuff make him a better husband to his wife? David explains that it creates guilt on his part. He realizes that she gets left out a lot of the time. For example he was chosen to sing "God Bless America" during the seventh inning stretch of the 2011 World Series Game.

His guilt about being able to do those fun things eventually turn into great gifts for his wife. He, jokingly, says she is a lucky woman to have a man like him. Then, of course, says he's actually the lucky one and he knows it.

He also goes on to say that he doesn't take anything for granted these days including money. He may buy his wife gifts on occasion but he's not planning on buying anything really big like a new bus. He says he knows they are expensive and he's gotten paranoid about saving, something he never used to do.

Sounds like David is a pretty grounded guy. Every girl should have a guy that has good job perks!