Back when my son Nathan was about 4 years old, I began a tradition of making Friday nights "Freaky Friday". Just about every Friday night we would plan to do something completely (kid friendly) insane, backwards and break all the rules. We stopped doing it as he grew older, but now that Nathan is a "Big Butter", we decided that it's time to resurrect our Friday night tradition for his little sister.

Freaky Friday is great for 2-year old Lilah, who is very independent and always wants to do things for herself. It's also great for 14-year old Nathan, who gets to be more of a helper than a participant. This night is all about Lilah making dinner for the family, helping choose what we all wear, picking the entertainment and having fun! The video explains how it all works. Check it out:

When you're celebrating Freaky Friday, it's important that the kids make up the rules. You may have to get creative sometimes, and other times steer their imaginations a little, but I've always seen that as a fun challenge. Get with your child in advance, talk about what will be on the dinner menu, what movie to watch, and what to have for desert, and don't be afraid to use your imagination, too.

This is a win-win. If you're a busy parent like I am, this is more than just time spent with your kids - it's quality time that they'll never forget. For the kids, it's something they could eventually look forward to all week long. And it's fun for everyone, too!