I was out with my son, enjoying a sandwich at Subway at the end of their Saturday lunch rush. As we were polishing off our $5 footlong and getting ready to hit the road, I couldn't help but notice a small orange amp at one of the tables behind me. So, we stuck around to find out what the heck was going on.

A few seconds later, Subway employee John Spargo brought his acoustic guitar into the restaurant lobby and began to entertain the 4 patrons remaining from the lunch crowd. I wish more people were there, because the experience was unexpected and cool.

I know classical music might not be everyone's thing, but you have to appreciate a few things about it. First, it's beautiful. Second, it's difficult to play. Otherwise, more people would do it. Finally, John is a pretty darn talented musician. So when he becomes famous, remember that you saw him here for the first time .