Yes, Finally it's Friday that, of course, means it's time for some fun videos. This week I had to go for some laughs. These will put you in a good mood. You will find yourself laughing even if you didn't want to.

Our first video is a young lady of maybe 5 years. She has great phone skills, acting skills, drama skills, well you get the idea. She has fake conversations with her boyfriend, uh-um, I mean "friend" on the phone. She gives him what for and how come about wanting to marry her. She is after all "not an adult". Wonder where she gets these skills?

The next video is just a natural bodily occurrence that happened during a meeting. The lady tries to keep her composure but in the end it just gets the best of her.

Now I know that Japanese people are usually smaller than we Americans but really how many of them can you stuff on a train car. Watch as they try to stuff themselves into the car. Sometimes though you need a little extra push from the train officials to make in all the way.