The Dallas Cowboys showed just enough pulse to hold off the Carolina Panthers 19-14 in what was one really boring game, and a game that should not have been that close.

The Cowboys used 4 field goals by kicker Dan Bailey to edge the Carolina Panthers in a game that should have been a beat down.  Don't get me wrong, a win is a win - and these days there are not many wins to celebrate as a Cowboys fan.  But, man, that game was one boring game, and kinda proved to me that maybe the Cowboys are just not that good.

Yes, I am your typical Dallas Cowboys fan who is never happy with the team - win or lose.  I guess, I just expect a lot more out of the team.  I get my hopes up every year, only to be disappointed most seasons.  I keep hearing that this team has all of this talent, and all of these statistics - not to mention, an unjustified swagger that owner Jerry Jones portrays each year.  But, each year, it's the same. Hey, at least we are 3-3 on the season, right?

We should have beaten the heck out of the Carolina Panthers.  But, nope, we let them hang around until the end.  That's what is so bad about these Dallas teams these past 4 or 5 years.  The teams that they should beat, they don't.  In fact, they play like a bunch of second team high schoolers. Carolina was 1-4 going into this game!  That's right, 1-4.  Why, in the wide world of sports, can't the Cowboys beat a 1-4 team convincingly?

A week ago, they racked up more rushing yards against the Baltimore Ravens than any NFL team has ever done.  But, lost the game.  Against the Panthers, they couldn't even rush for more than 100 yards - and they barely won.  Incidentally, the Ravens got blown out this week, 43-13 by the other Texas team, the Houston Texans.

I mean, a good team should be able to beat the snot out of a bad team.  Look at the Texans, they are running over everybody, except for Green Bay.  I just don't think that this year's Dallas Cowboys are that good - yet.  They just have so much to work on, and if they plan on winning the tough NFC EAST, or even get a wild card, they need to start beating the teams they should beat, and, for crying out loud, quit making stupid penalties!

OK, I'm off my soapbox now.  Here is a recap of the game in pictures.

Dallas Cowboys vs Carolina Panthers Game Pictures

Even with the win, are you happy about the Dallas Cowboys performance?