I first heard this story from my mom while she was in Galveston Saturday getting ready to leave on the Rudy Cruise. A dad and son out fishing in a kayak in Galveston ended up catching a black tip shark almost as big as the kayak.

The two go out almost every weekend fishing and they have caught sharks before, just small ones but this one ended up being a 7ft. black tip. Black tips are one of the more docile sharks. Uh, a shark with big teeth is still a shark!!

The dad lets the shark wear itself down by pulling them around in the kayak (Texas sleigh ride) for about an hour and then hauls it up to the boat. The son videos the entire catch and release. They always release their catch. They were about a mile off shore in Galveston when they made the catch.

Now I've swam in the Galveston waters for many years, always knowing that these creatures are lurking in that murky brown water but that's pretty close to shore for me. I think I will stick to sunning on the beach from now on.