Texas music artist Curtis Grimes stopped by KEAN today during my morning show to bring me his new single titled "Home To Me." At first I thought, I'll take his C.D. and give it a listen, and he'd be on his way. He was heading to Lubbock and Amarillo on his whirl-wind "radio tour" doing what he called "pimping my new record." When something caught my eye in the back of his car, the boy brought his guitar. Good enough for me I quickly asked if he would bring in his guitar.

Grimes was more than happy to accommodate, he hands me his C.D. so I would give it a listen, that's when I asked if he would honor us with a live version of the song, which he was more than happy to do. Not only did he play "Home To Me" but he explained how he came about writing the song with some unlikely songwriters in Nashville Tennessee. Grimes wrote this song with Trent Willmon and Jared Blake, the idea for "Home" came to Grimes during his first trip to Nashville after a series of disappointments and cancelled writing appointments.

Here's the a portion of the interview and the song. Afterwards he talks how the song came about. Check it out and then tell me what you think of it.

Curtis Grimes - "Home To Me"