I can handle snakes and lizards, crickets don't bother me and mice are not on my "favorites" list but I can handle them. However, there are 2 things that I absolutely CANNOT stand: roaches and spiders. So when I ran across this show on Animal Planet I was creeped out...the first episode I see is about a house infested with brown recluse spiders!

The show covers all kinds of infestations from bedbugs and bats to opossums. I was intrigued by the show and had to look it up on the web. I found all kinds of creepy episodes some I chose not to watch. Even though it absolutely made my skin crawl, it's like a wreck...you can't help but watch. Then you find yourself scratching because you feel like you have bugs on you or you shake out all your clothes and bedding before you get in them.

So the first episode I watched was about a house that was infested with brown recluse spiders. The family had to move out of the home while exterminators tried to get rid of the spiders. The family had young children and another on the way so they didn't feel safe living there.

The spiders can multiply at a rate of 50 eggs per adult female. The exterminators have a very tough time getting rid of the little beasts. A brown recluse is usually light tan/brown in color and about 1/4 to 3/4 inches. They also have a marking on their body that resembles a violin (if you want to get that close).

Now I said I could handle small mice, that's true to an extent; like if it's in a mouse trap, dead. This is absolutely UN-imaginable!!! This is in Australia and the mice have taken over farms and are now moving into the cities and the citizens are finding them in shoes, drawers even clothes. One family trapped 30 mice in one night alone in their home. They are taking over everything and forcing people from their homes. The only safe place is near the Bay, apparently mice don't like water.

Now if you want to check this show "Infested" out yourself it is on Animal Planet Fridays at 8pm Central. Be warned though it will creep you out.