Country singer Craig Morgan saved two small children from a house fire.  It seems it was just instinctual for Morgan to do something, he is a former sheriffs deputy, Army paratrooper and trained EMT.Morgan and his teenage son were driving when the son noticed a fire.  Morgan parked his car and ran to help put out the fire, when it got out of control the owner informed him that her two young children where still in the home.  Morgan ran in, grabbed them and brought them to safety before the fire got out of control.

“I opened the door and the house was filled with smoke. There was a little two-year-old over in the corner with his face in the couch and when he saw me come in he got scared and took off running," Morgan said. "But I snatched him up, then the older child, about six or seven, came out of the bedroom. I grabbed him and took them out to their mom."