You've seen the bumper stickers donning the phrase "I wasn't born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could!", right? Such is the case for West Virginia native Coley McCabe, who took the long way to Texas, but she and her music have found a home the Lone Star State.

McCabe spent time pursuing her dream to succeed in country music, as many have, in Nashville. But she soon realized that it wasn't quite her style. Rather than stay in Music City, Coley chose instead to take her music to Texas in December 2011. Before leaving, though, she left an impression on Nashville, writing the #1 SHeDAISY hit 'Lucky 4 You (Tonight I'm Just Me)'. McCabe also managed to write songs recorded by Loretta Lynn, Bill Anderson, Lila McCann, American Idol contestant Kristy Lee Cook and more.

Now, with a new CD and single to promote ('This Ain't The 60's'), Coley McCabe (along with fellow singer/songwriter Thom Shepherd) paid a visit to the KEAN-105 Afternoon Show to let listeners get to know her, and play her new song in the studio. Check it out here:

Dave Wheaton

Great stuff! Coley McCabe's new, self-titled CD featuring 'This Ain't the 60's' is available now.