Earl Dibbles Jr. is running for President. Unfortunately I have already cast my vote early and didn't realize he was running. I would have "writ him in" had I known. I'm hoping I've caught some of you in time that you can vote for Earl,  cuz we need a "country boy" in the White House.

Earl Dibbles Jr. (AKA Granger Smith) has launched a full campaign for office. He is running on a good old fashioned country boy platform; like slashing the price of dip, cutting taxes for country folk and adding taxes to city folk. He cares about health care and education, he has a pretty good stance on domestic policy and defense too. He plans on outlawing taxes or taxis, I'm not sure about this one. Oh, and he wants to update the look of the White House by painting it.

Earl has a great work ethic. He wakes up, puts a good dip in, cracks a cold one, gets dressed, and starts the day. Based on this, I think Earl would accomplish much during his tenure as President.

If you haven't voted yet, please give Earl's campaign messages a listen before you hit the polling outlets this year. Earl might just be our best bet for the next four years.

For more on Earl please see his website. (Yee,Yee!)