Texas music fans tend to be, for the most part, unimpressed – or uninterested – with music that comes from outside the southwestern U.S., but there’s a singer/songwriter from elsewhere that they should pay attention to.  Canadian country/folk artist Corb Lund is that guy, and if you haven’t heard his name yet, maybe it’s time to do some research. With the release of his 7th CD, ‘Cabin Fever’, Lund is primed and ready to let more of Texas (and America) know what he’s all about.

‘Cabin Fever’ was actually conceived from spending extended time alone in a log cabin that Lund built.   He says “I ended up spending time up there alone for weeks at a time, in the winter, with three feet of snow. Cabin fever is what they call it when you get a little nuts from being isolated…”. This explains a lot.

‘Cabin Fever starts with intensity. The opening track, ‘Gettin’ Down On The Mountain’, hits you with an end-of-days scenario: “When the oils stops, everything stops/Nothin’ left in the fountain/Nobody wants paper money, son, so you just as well stop countin’…You’d best start thinkin’ where your food comes from/And I hope you tend a good garden.”

‘Dig Gravedigger Dig’ speaks for itself. A song dedicated a job that most folks really don’t care to think about. ‘Bible On The Dash’ is fun duet with Texas native Hayes Carll about a road trip, being pulled over, and how the bible saved the day.

‘September’ is the first single from ‘Cabin Fever’. It’s the fourth song on the CD, and this song about love slipping away is the first song that gives you a chance to catch your breath. Check it out:

‘Mein Duetsches Motorrad’ is about riding a German mortorcycle 90 miles an hour, and the song goes about that fast, too. As fun and playful as ‘The Gothest Girl I Can’ is, the next song on ‘Cabin Fever’, ‘One Left In The Chamber’ is the exact opposite.

Texas music fans will identify with Corb Lund because he – like most red dirt singer/songwriters do – sings and writes about what he knows. His style is grainy, rough around the edges, and more from the heart than from the studio. His songwriting, however, is incredibly smooth. It is so clever, it grabs your attention for wonder what word will be sung next, and what turn Lund will take with his next phrase.

With comparable artists like Hayes Carll and Ryan Bingham seeing their popularity grow out of the Texas music scene to the national level, now seems like as good a time as any for Lund to make his push in the states. And ‘Cabin Fever’ is an excellent sample of Lund’s work to introduce to new fans. ‘Cabin Fever’ is co-produced by Steve Christensen, The Hurtin’ Albertans, and one of my favorite Texas-based singers, John Evans.

‘Cabin Fever’ follows up Corb Lund’s 2009’s ‘Losin’ Lately Gambler’ major label debut on New West Records. Backed by his longtime band, The Hurtin’ Albertans, the JUNO award (Traditional Album of the Year) and Canadian Country Music Association award winner (Roots Artist of the Year, 7 straight years) has already seen critical acclaim and has won over fans in his native country.

Lund makes regular trips to play in Texas, including a 2-week stretch coming up in September, and a show at The Blue Light in Lubbock on the 26th. Catch his show if you can. You can thank me later.

For those who are already fans of Corb Lund and his music, you’re going to enjoy this. For those who aren’t, ‘Cabin Fever’ is a good starting point. Go buy this CD, and when you realize how much you like it, you’ll want to hear Lund’s earlier music. And you’ll love that, too.