A man convicted of murder has written a book, not a big deal, except this book was written for children. And it's on sale right now on Amazon.com.
This might be something you don't want to buy this Christmas.

The book is called The Trinity of Superkidds: Quest for Water written under the name J.D. Bauer. It is available, as of right now, on Amazon.com. However, the site is getting a lot of bad response once people found out that the book was written by a convicted felon.

The real writer of the book is Charles Kembo, a Canadian, and he has been convicted of murder, serial murder at that. He was convicted on four counts of first degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison with parole eligibility after 25 years.

Supposedly the book was published on a date that coincided with his trial which was January of 2010, he was convicted in June of that year.

It sells on the Amazon site for $15.95 but I don't think that is money I will be spending.

There are many questions surrounding this story. One of which is why he has been allowed to publish and profit from a book after being convicted of a felony crime such as murder, especially when the book targets children? Second, J.D. Bauer has a Facebook page; it kind of skirts the law in the fact that felons are not banned from having Facebook pages unless they are crimes such as pedophilia. So he is so far allowed to keep his page. However, this case is just coming to light so things may change. He may be asked to drop his Facebook page and Amazon could drop his book from their site. That is yet to be determined.