The state of Connecticut is signing a bill into law that will allow illegal immigrants in-state tuition.  This will lower their tuition payments by thousands.  Connecticut is now joining a hand full of other states, like Illinois and New York, in allowing in-state tuition to illegal immigrants.  These immigrants are however, working towards legal status.

Governor Malloy is signing this bill into law today July 07.  Between 200-300 students are expected to take advantage of this new law within the next year.

I would think so, it could save them as much as $17,000 annually.

Here is my problem with this.  They are here ILLEGALLY but yet we are giving them benefits we don't even give our own citizens.  If I went to college outside of Texas, would they allow me to waive off that extra tuition money?  No way.

If you want the benefits of this country, of being a citizen, then go and get your green card.

I went to college.  I had loans, grants, worked part-time but I don't remember ever being granted any benefits by the government.  Why should these illegals benefit more than we do?