Cody Johnson is coming to the Lucky Mule Saloon Saturday night (1/25) for his 'Cowboy Like Me' CD release party. Cody is great, and he and his band are sure to play all of his hits. But they'll also be featuring future hit songs from the new CD. Don't get caught off guard! Before you go to the show, check out our 'Cowboy Like Me' album preview.

1. 'Dance Her Home' - 'Cowboy Like Me' opens with Johnson's new single,  It's only a month old, so you might not have it committed to memory just yet. Here's a sample:

2. 'Me And My Kind' - She's not just over me, she's over me and my kind. One cowboy ruined it for all cowboys.

3. 'Lucky' - It's better to be lucky than good. Or rich, famous, successful or smart!

4. 'Proud' - There's no better feeling than being proud of who you are, and knowing your lady feels the same.

5. 'Baby's Blue' - She's past the point of red hot. She's blue.

6. 'Bottle It Up - Never underestimate the value of a good bottle of moonshine

7. 'Cowboy Like Me' - Life on the road is hard on love one's you leave at home.

8. 'Hurtin'' - You know you've got it rough when the pain is so bad, that even the pain is hurtin'.

9. '[I Wouldn't Go There] If I Were You' - Sometimes your brain needs to have a heart-to-heart with your heart.

If I Were You]

10. 'Holes' - The best way to keep from having holes in your life: stop digging.

11. 'Give A Cowboy A Kiss' - Beware: if you give a cowboy a kiss, he's going to want a lot more.

12. 'Never Go Home Again' - Turn to a life of sin, and you can never go home again.

That's a preview of Cody Johnson's 'Cowboy Like Me'. As expected, the new album is filled with songs you can dance to when you get to Cody's CD release party Saturday night!

There's a 13th 'Bonus Track' featured on 'Cowboy Like Me', too. It's nothing like anything you've ever heard from Cody Johnson. If you want to hear it, you're just going to have to go to the show, buy the CD and hear it for yourself. While you're there, don't forget to get your new album autographed and get a picture taken, too!