Cody Bryan is a very talented up-and-comer who is out spreading the word about his latest single, 'Wreck Me', which is also the title track to Bryan's CD. He also brought his guitarist, Zach Lynch, to play a brand new one for us on the KEAN 105 Afternoon Show.

We had a chance to see the Cody Bryan Band shortly after the full CD 'Wreck Me' came out. They were opening for Will Hoge at the Lucky Mule. But while we talked, Cody gave us some more background into what lead up to the release of his first radio single, and he tells us, "We have been playing music for quite a while now. We're from Austin, and we've played around Austin for about, what, 5 1/2 years now. We played in a little more rock group before, and then about a year and a half ago we decided 'you know, let's go ahead and let's embrace our country roots', and formed the Cody Bryan Band, and here we are."

Cody also gave us the details on the single he's promoting. "Actually, we named our album after this song, and basically, it's about love. You're in love, it's a dangerous love, though, and it ends up getting wrecked. So, that's kind of the theme throughout the record. It's kinda about a tough relationship. There's numerous songs on [the CD] that are about that. So, we kinda went with that theme. I'm mean, don't get me wrong, there's some love songs on there as well."

Bryan also gave a shout out to his grandparents, who have given him a place to stay during the West Texas leg of his radio tour. Check out part one of my conversation with Cody Bryan here:

Cody and Zach brought their guitars, and played a song for us, 'Corpus Christi Heartbreaker', based on a true story. This is a brand new one that's not included on 'Wreck Me'. Take a listen to their live, in-studio performance:

Cody Bryan - Corpus Christi Heartbreaker

During the second half of my conversation with Cody Bryan, "We just released a music video last month. It's one of the songs you can find on the record. It's the love song on the album, 'When We Were Made'." You can check out the video below part 2 of the interview.

Cody Bryan Band - When We Were Made (official music video)

Get all the details on the Cody Bryan Band's tour dates, news and other info from their official website. You can also link up to Cody on Facebook, follow him on Twitter and get those fancy photos of Bryan bass fishing on Instagram.