When you hear pretty much any Six Market Blvd. song, you immediately identify that they are a talented band. The Stephenville-based band has been growing its fan base for a few years now, and Texas music fans are starting to realize just how good these guys are. Front man Clayton Landau paid a visit to the KEAN studio to promote Six Market's new single, 'Mailbox', and played a brand new song for us, too!

In the first part of our conversation, Clayton let us know that he and the band had a great time he had playing the KEAN 105 Free Summer Concert Series, and was glad to be part of the show that also featured Kyle Park. He also mentioned he likes to watch other artists (like Kyle) and "Really, I'm always trying to grow as a 'front man'...if we had a coach that was coaching us, and he made us watch video every morning after the gig, he would have a lot of things for me that I'm doing wrong that I need to correct. I know that for sure. So what I try to do is watch these guys that are hitting it big, that are really out there burning up the highway. I don't steal anything, I just try to take notes...see how they as front men are doing what they do and I try to grow from that as well.". Check out Part 1:

The second part of our interview with Clayton Landau of Six Market Blvd. included an in-studio performance. After flipping an oatmeal pie to decide which song to play, Landau played 'Comin' Down', a brand new song that will show up on their upcoming 3rd CD.

We talked about the new single, 'Mailbox' in the final part of our conversation. Clayton explained, "'Mailbox'...they didn't get writer's credit, but I can give a little bit of vocal credit to two ex-girlfriends of mine that helped me write the lyrics. They're really good people...it's just about being gone, being away from home and I know there's probably a lot of people around here that can relate to that.". Check out the full explanation here:

You can keep track of Six Market Blvd and their official website, 'Like' the band's Facebook page, and you can follow Clayton and the guys on Twitter, too. And you can click below to take a listen to the latest Six Market Blvd. single, 'Mailbox'.