Ladies if you have a guy in your life then you know what I mean when I say TOYS for big boys. They love all kinds of gadgets and get excited about things we would never think about. So having one of these guys in my life I have taken note of a few things that get his attention.

Yeti Tumbler

My man is a hunter and anything to do with hunting he just has to have. I've had to ban the outdoor channel and the internet for the next few weeks because they keep showing things he wants; his list is getting longer and longer. This is the latest thing he's found. It's the Yeti Tumbler. It comes in two sizes, 20 or 30 oz. and is made of kitchen grade 18/8 stainless steel with double-wall vacuum insulation. Works on hot or cold beverages.


Fire TV Stick

Next is the Amazon Fire TV Stick. This is a portable streaming stick that connects to your TV's HDMI port. It allows for streaming of Netflix, games, music, Hulu Plus, sports and much more and it's portable so you're not stuck to one TV. This is a gadget all the electronic minded men want.



Now if you have a beer connoisseur in the family the new beersicles are all the rage. You freeze the beersicles and then they slide down into your beer bottle to keep it cold. There are a range of different types but they all do the same job...keep that beer ice cold!


Pocket Knife

A new pocket knife. Ask any guy if he wants a new pocket knife and the answer will be yes. Guys see pocket knives like girls see shoes; there's an occasion for every kind of knife. If you want a small classic pocket knife to carry everyday or a hunting/fishing knife or just because it looks cool. A man can't have too many knives. The new hot ones are the assisted opening tactical type knives but you can't go wrong no matter what type you get; I promise.


Video Games

Video games. This is for those big boys that are little boys at heart. One of the hot new games that I keep hearing guys talk about is the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Any guy of any age will be pleased to receive a video game under the tree (and you get a few hours of peace and alone time).


These are just a few ideas to get that man in your life for Christmas this year. If you have some other suggestions please share them in the comments section below.