The life of a Major League Baseball ball girl isn’t exactly the most exciting work in the world. You have to chase down foul balls to give to annoying fans and have to deal with that one drunken guy who keeps commenting on your “bleacher bum.”

However, life isn’t all bad as this Chicago Cubs ball girl decided to use her power to pass her digits along to a mystery suitor.

On Monday night, while Cubs took on the visiting Atlanta Braves, this ball girl was spotted scribbling something on a piece of paper between the sixth and seventh innings. The ball girl eventually hands the piece of paper to a security guard who appears to pass the paper on.

After the video was posted, news broke that the ball girl wasn’t giving out her phone number, she was just politely rejecting a fan that was trying to get into her exclusive box seats. Ouch.

These are the Cubs we’re talking about so did you really think this story would have a happy ending?