Singer/songwriter Will Hoge is bringing his awesome talent to the Lucky Mule on Thursday (9/5). At the same time, his latest single 'Strong' is flying up the country music charts. The song hits home with blue-collar America, and has also struck a chord with Chevrolet. Not only is Hoge's working man's anthem featured in the auto maker's TV commercials, Chevy has used the song for a full-length video for the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado.

You may notice, the new "Strong" campaign is reminiscent of the Chevy TV ads that featured Bob Seger’s “Like a Rock” over a decade ago, where the music plays as Chevy pickups are driven over backroads and off roads. I think it's safe to say the "Like a Rock" commercials were successful, and I'm willing to bet the "Strong" ads will do well for Chevy, too.

Yes, there are 30 and 60 second TV ads running. You may have already seen them. But if you've ever wondered what a 3:27 long truck commercial looks like, here you go. I think it actually turned out pretty good.

Chevrolet Silverado Full-Length "Strong" Commercial

What do you think about the video?