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RTX Sunday Video: Wade Bowen ‘Trouble’
Wade Bowen is back on radio with a brand new song about not singing about trucks called, "Songs About Trucks." But this week for your RTX Sunday Video let's head back to 2009, and his fourth album "If We Ever Make it Home" -- remember this song, and Evan Kauf…
The Curtis Grimes Bet: The Resolution
Curtis Grimes and I make bets, it's just we do. To get you up to date, over the years Curtis and I have made six bets. They've ranged from World Series victors to David Allan Coe's middle finger. To date Curtis is a dismal 0-6. Last night, Coach's and Cowboy's was the site o…
New iOS Game Releases – Week of April 8th
Wednesday night is big game night for all of us iOS gaming nuts, and there are some cool new games launching tonight to look out for.  Let’s take a look at what’s hitting the App Store around 11:00 PM EST.