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Arby’s ‘Meat Moutain’ Sandwich Gets Devoured by Chaz
I heard that Arby's had a sandwich from their secret menu called the "Meat Mountain" that has every meat the restaurant offers. So, of course, I had to not only go get one of these bad boys, but I wanted to see how fast I could take it down.
What’s the Most Popular Cocktail in Texas?
If you've been wondering what the most popular cocktail in Texas is, you're in luck; I have an answer. The website Estately just put together a list of all 50 states and their favorite drink of preference. Can you guess whats the favorite here in ole Texas?
Life Hack: How to Peel a Potato Quick & Easy
I love fast and easy, especially when it comes to cooking. When I saw a life hack about peeling potatoes I had to try it. I can tell you I will never peel another potato with a peeler again. This is awesome!

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