Sturgill Simpson Announces 2015 ‘Living the Dream’ Tour
Since last year's release of "Metamodern Sounds in Country Music," critics have been throwing accolades at Sturgill Simpson like he is the savior of country music. And while he probably won't be, although he should be, music lovers everywhere are responding with sold-out …
Cory Morrow
Get ready for some good times when Texas Country legend Cory Morrow comes to Abilene. KEAN 105 proudly welcomes Cory Morrow to The Silo, Saturday, June 27th.
Eddy Raven Live
Eddy Raven best known for his Cajun-infused country sound, scored more than three dozen top ten hit songs...
Sam Riggs
Get ready for the some good times with Red Dirt/Texas Country Music artist Sam Riggs. KEAN 105 proudly welcomes...

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