If you are one of the millions wondering where acquitted child murderer Casey Anthony ended up. Well, it was not in Texas as first speculated. Casey Anthony is alive and living well in Ohio, Columbus Ohio to be exact. Check out the fact that she's wearing an Ohio Sate ball cap, which has some Ohio State fans in an uproar. Some Buckeye fans would rather see her wearing a rival schools hat but not theirs.
The TMZ folks found her living with relatives and out on a little shopping spree. Notice she didn't but anything, and she walks pretty fast with her head hung down and toying with her hair, trying not to make any eye contact.

No word yet if anyone in the store recognized her, cause she left rather abruptly and with out purchasing a thing. My question is, she's carrying a large purse and she appears to be looking at another huge purse. It all seems kind of eerie or creepy, maybe it's just me, but something just doesn't feel right about the whole thing. Shouldn't she be with someone, like a bodyguard or lawyer. I'm thinking that this may even be a set up to keep the interest going so that somebody will finally pay her or her lawyers the 1.5 million for the first interview. No word on who sent the video in, via email to the TMZ staff. It's kind of fishy if you ask me and here's why, she is shopping right in front of the big store front window, hmm suspicious don't you think? I'll keep you posted on any further sightings.