Carrie Underwood has won a multitude of awards but you wouldn't know it by visiting her home. Although she appreciates every one of them she doesn't display them in her own house.

Her career took off after winning 'American Idol', now she has ACM's, CMA's, Grammy's and more but she says it would just be a mess if she tried to display all of them in her home. Not that she doesn't love and appreciate them every one but because she doesn't want people thinking she's a narcissist.

She does say however that they are all cataloged and their is a space for them along with touring and award show wardrobe pieces, they just aren't for public display. Occasionally she will also send her mom some of the plaques and awards to display in her home, she says they love it have no shame in displaying her accolades.

So do you think Carrie will be taking home another trophy in November when the CMA's are awarded? My guess is a big YES!