For such a sweet person, Carrie Underwood has a lot of songs that hit on dark subject matter. The country superstar has made it a habit of making hits songs about cheating husbands, exacting revenge and funerals. But her latest single, 'See You Again' the Grammy Award-winning vocalist has Underwood returning to a subject that is considerably more uplifting.

'See You Again' is anything but dark. It has an inspirational message that makes a connection with those who have lost a loved one. Underwood recently told Country Weekly:

"I have been saying, since 'See You Again' came out, I’m so happy, I have a positive message! I love having songs with attitude. I love getting onstage and rocking out. I don’t have a violent streak in me, but I sing like I do. [But] It’s so nice to have something [on the radio] that does have a positive message. It feels good."

It's good to have the former American Idol showing that she isn't taking her talents in just one direction musically. It's clear that Carrie has one of the strongest voices in all music, much less the country genre.

In other news from the Underwood camp, she has been nominated "Choice Female Artist" in the 2013 Teen Choice Awards.