Carrie Underwood is probably on a lot of people's list of celebrities they would like to meet but she actually fulfilled one teenagers dream by seeing that her wish came true.

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Hayley Gort, 18, from Grand Rapids, Michigan was diagnosed with a brain tumor on her pituitary gland. She had to undergo both chemotherapy and radiation for two months. She spent 3 hours, 3 days a week hooked up to an IV; followed by a week of nausea and vomiting. After 2 years of treatments Hayley was well enough to attend the show in Jacksonville, Florida.

Hayley's trip and chance to meet Carrie Underwood in person was granted through the Make-A-Wish Foundation. She received free flights, hotel accommodations and Carrie, herself, donated the backstage passes.

This isn't the first time Carrie has made a wish come true. She is a supporter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation and periodically is asked to grant wishes to kids and teens.

Hayley tweeted that this was the "best night of my life. I will never forget it! @CarrieUnderwood you don't know how much that meant to me! #amazing."

It goes to show that just a few minutes of someones time can make a big impact on someone else's.