It's always bugged me that mostly grown-ups review movies, even the ones that were intended for kids. It's because of this fact that I asked my 14-year old son, Nathan to share his thoughts on the 2nd Captain America movie. That, and I think he's a funny little kid.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is rated PG-13, and while I know plenty adults who have been looking forward to this one to hit theaters (myself included), but I can find 100 old dudes like me to give me a movie review that I can identify with. So kids, watch this movie review to get the scoop from someone you can identify with. Adults, watch this movie review because it will allow you a rare look inside the mind of a young teenager. Sort of.

Captain America 2 Review:

There you go. Not bad for a kid who was out past his bedtime. Is there a movie - either in theaters or on DVD - that you'd like Nathan to review?