Getting fit and losing some weight is top of mind for me right now because I'm oh, so  close to the big 4-0!!  But I've found a new class that is only 30 minutes and works you out like you wouldn't believe.

I started this new class recently called Cage Fitness.  I've only had the opportunity to go to a couple of the classes so far but I will continue the class hopefully next week.

So what is Cage Fitness?  It sounds brutal doesn't it?  It's not really.  It's a 30 minute class and it's based on the training and workouts of the MMA (mixed martial arts) fighters.  In fact it was designed by Matt Hughes who just happens to be a 9 time welterweight champion.

You are in a class but you can go at your own pace.  If they are doing quick jump-in-jacks you slow down and do as many as you can, there is no pressure.

I have asthma and I have to be a little careful to  not go overboard and throw myself into an attack but I survived, twice and like I said I will be going back for more.  I love that it's only 30 minutes.

You do quick 5 minute segments for 30 min. that covers your legs, arms, abs and pretty much every muscle in your body.  I found some I didn't know I had.  My quads hurt so bad after that first day, but I new I had done something and I felt great about that hurt.

Check out the Matt Hughes video of Cage Fitness.

I take this class through Premier Martial Arts here in Abilene with Sigung Cox.  Check it out if you dare and come join me.