Bucky Covington and Shooter Jennings channel their inner Duke Boys in the new music video for their song ‘Drinking Side of Country’. This Dukes of Hazzard-influenced video also features a few cameo appearances, including TNA wrestler Mickie James, X Games motocross medalist Kenny Bartram, and Kellie Pickler doing her best Daisy Duke impression.

Kelly can be seen in the beginning of the video, hanging out at a party, dancing around, tossing back a cold beer. But her big part comes halfway through, thanks to a text message for help, as she’s called on to rescue Bucky (Bo?) and Shooter (Luke?) from certain arrest.

This has everything fun you could possibly hope for in a country music video. Beer, cop chases down dirt roads, lovely country girls, sweet cars and lots of partying and dancing around. I still can't figure out the point of the biker blowing up the woman's skirt in the end, but who cares? The song is what it is, and so is the video. Easy to sing along, and fun to watch. It’s brain candy. Enjoy!

You’ll find ‘Drinking Side of Country’ on the new Bucky Covington CD, “Good Guys”, available September 11th.

What do you think of the video? What about the song?