On June 30th, Bucky Covington was playing at concert in Florida, and that is where all his problems begun. It seems that the promoter (Bill Fuller) that hired him fell ill and went to the hospital to get checked out. While away the said concert promoter left one of his Iron Horse Saloon employees in charge to collect the front door money. Upon his return back from the hospital, Fuller and his trusty employee made allegations that Mr. Covington had stolen over one thousand dollars from the front door cash box. The unnamed employee reported to Fuller and later told police the he and Covington were taking in the ticket sales money at the front door.

While Covington remained quite through this whole affair, yet Fuller and his employee alleged that Bucky had his hand in the till the entire time he was working the front door. The Florida concert promoter filed a complaint with the sheriff's office. The sheriff's department sent the case to the Florida Attorney General's office to investigate the grand theft. The Attorney General's office has ruled that, "there was insufficient evidence to prove the charges against Mr. Covington beyond a reasonable doubt."

Covington denied the charges, and later said, "It's absolutely and completely false. The promoter didn't have his business together. He did not pay people. In fact, I didn't get paid for that show."

Bucky Covington is currently on tour and is working on completing his next album.