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Morgan Frazier is a musician and a songwriter from Breckenridge, Texas. Morgan has been 'seriously' working in the music business since she was nine years old. The spunky West Texas girl was a natural at singing her songs and selling her CD's. Anywhere there was a stage the 9 year old wowed strangers wherever she went. That was the training ground Morgan needed to hone her skills as she kept her eye on Nashville. Today Morgan Frazier is that girl, who made it in Nashville and has her own "Yellow Brick Road."

Morgan Frazier just released her latest single "Yellow Brick Road" which is being widely accepted by the main stream in country radio. On a personal note, I love this song, I am convinced that this girl owns this song. It's hot and I do believe that it will make it's way up the country music charts fast. Great job Morgan, you've got a fan in me, I love your vocals and your are a gifted songwriter, keep it up. She just may have a chart topping hit song on her hands, and to think she almost gave it all up at the age of five.

Morgan's first public appearance came at the tender age of five and it was, to put it mildly, a disaster. She explains, “I sang ‘When You Say Nothing At All,’ at a local talent show, but I grew up Church of Christ, which was no music. It’s all a Capella singing. So that’s where I learned to sing. But at this talent show I had to sing to tracks, which I had never done before. I got up there and I got off the beat of the music, because I didn’t know how to sing with tracks, so I performed with my head down the whole time. When I got off stage, I told my mom, ‘I’m never, ever singing again.’” The tot still managed to score a People’s Choice award, and that alone was enough to ignite a fire in her to continue performing. And her parents, recognizing their daughter’s talent and supportive of her dream, were delighted to chauffeur Morgan to those Texas jamborees where she

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