It's breast cancer awareness month and I have been amazed at how many people are affected by this disease. As someone who has gone through it myself I know what it's like to lose my hair due to chemo. For me, it wasn't that big a deal but for kids it's even harder. Kids these days can be cruel little creatures and a Locks of Love wig can bring back a sense of confidence to young kids who have lost theirs.

This video was brought to my attention the other day when I saw it posted on one of our sister station Facebook pages. Barry Stevenson filmed and produced this video of a lady from the Metroplex who was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago and lost her hair when going through chemo.

Kimberly Simon was diagnosed in 2005 and decided she was going to be in charge of when she lost her hair, not the chemo. She gathered some friends and had each one cut a portion of her hair off. They made it a huge party. After chemo she grew her hair back out and then decided she was tired of coloring it and messing with it, in general. (I can tell you it's actually kinda nice not to have to mess with it every morning!)

Kimberly decided she would again cut off her hair again and this time donate it to Locks of Love. Again she had friends participate in the cutting. I found myself crying watching this video. The first time Kimberly had to lose her hair for all the wrong reasons; this time she did it for all the right reasons.

I applaud her and pray that she stays cancer free! And thank you Barry for sharing this video with us!